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Car Fob Signal Blocker Pouch for Car Keys / Keyless Entry / Anti Theft / Keyless Start / Blocks RFID / WIFI / GSM / LTE / Universal

EJC Avenue Limited

  • £8.99


Key Fob Signal Blocker Pouch

Keyless car fobs are increasingly common, allowing proxinity access and push-button ignition.
But, as vehicle design has modernised so have the methods of car thieves that target them.
Tech-savvy criminals are using special boosting devices to amplify the proximity signal of a fob that is Inside a property, whilst an accomplice waits next to the vehicle ready to open its door.
These are referred to as 'Relay attacks', the methid is quick, silent and allows the easy theft of your vehicle and its contents.
The signal blocker's specialist material prevents These Relay attacks.

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